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Home : Woman in Russia: Hello!
Woman in Russia: Hello! Hi! My name is Valery. I am from Russia. I have graduated from Moscow State University, philological faculty, and I speak English. It has always been very interesting for me to know how women abroad live: what makes them feel pleased and happy, and what makes them sad and upset.
For rather a long time Russians had lived behind the Iron Curtain and people from other countries knew absolutely nothing about us. Nowadays the curtain has been raised, so we can travel, watch news, different shows, but we still know very little about each other. However, it seems to me, that if we knew about each other more, we could understand, respect and love each other better, so we could live more peacefully I think I should get started with myself. And later on Ill tell you about other Russian women: business-ladies and housewives, rich and not so well-financially-secured, married, split up and divorced. Of course, we are all very different, but we have something in common as well. Id be very glad, if you would send me your questions. It would be easier for me to tell if I know for sure what exactly you are interested in. Perhaps, you could join me and send stories about yourself. Please, do! It would be great!..
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Home : about the project "Woman in Russia"
I will tell you about Russian women: teachers, doctors, sellers, housewives. I will tell you what they eat, what clothes wear, what salaries receive, what they plant in summer at their summer cottages kitchen gardens and what they dream of.
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house, love, English-Russian love dictionary : Romantic places for romantic Russian girls
Romantic places in spring to sneak in a kiss...

Romantic places for romantic Russian girls
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house, love, activities, English-Russian love dictionary : girls and sex in the Soviet Union
girls and sex in the Soviet Union
Russian Illustrator Valery Barykin successfully combines the vintage Pin Up Girls with Soviet art propaganda. Source: Valery Barykin

There was always an aura of taboo around sex in the Soviet Union. At the same time, there was, of course, sex. And a lot of itno less than there is now. It's just that talking about it was considered embarrassing and indecent.
It is commonly thought that during the LeningradBoston perestroika teleconference, one woman said, "We have no sex in the USSR." This is not true. What she actually said was that there was no sex on television. But nothing happens by chance: if this were simply a slip of the tongue, no one would have picked it up.
Many sexual disorders occurred because people did not know how to talk about it.
Words for sex and sexual organs were either obscene or medical termsneither of which encourage frank discussions.
(after Anya Ayvazyan)
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holidays, house, food : Orthodox Easter
This year Orthodox Easter in Russia coincides with Catholic Easter in Europe

Orthodox Easter
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house, children : Time to rest...
Time to rest...

Time to rest...
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clothes : Jewelry

Russian girls do love jewelry...
Especially silver for its democratic prices and modern design. Pandora is absolutely trendy now in Moscow. Nearly every girl has a bracelet with different charms from her boyfriend. And they get more and more with every event.
Pandora - unforgettable moments
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love, activities : Love is in the air...
Love is in the air...

Love is in Valentine-cards, texts and Facebook messages, romantic posts, blockbusters and movies. Love is in flowers and chocolate boxes, in dresses, shops and restaurants decorations. In hugging couples, discounts, smiles and cats' mewing.
Everyone is involved. Even in Russia, where this sweet holiday Valentine's Day started being celebrated not that long ago. Lovely traditions don't have nationalities, they conquer the world.

Love is in the air... Just breathe!
Love is in the air... Love is in the air...

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house, activities : Traditional Russian winter weather
Oh, My dear Russian Winter... winked

Traditional Russian winter weather
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love, activities : Russians and snowmen
RUSSIANS and snowMEN...

Russians and snowmen
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